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Automate Personalization: Building Customer Loyalty Through AI Decisioning

by | Sep 5, 2023

No two customers are alike, and nothing knows it better than AI. More and more service businesses, in sectors from airlines to gaming, are realizing real value from using decision automation, supported by powerful machine learning, to manage and enhance their customer-loyalty programs.

Optimizing loyalty programs involves two key components, knowing as much about the customer’s desires as possible and putting this intel to work at the perfect time. Birthdays, locations, interests, favorite sports teams, weddings, anniversaries, life celebrations and of course purchasing histories, lodging and gaming preferences, they’re all vital information in fostering customer stickiness. Performing the job of converting an infinite number of data points into timely action is a task made for AI.

AI decisioning gives organizations the power to engage customers right where they are, and even where they’re going. Business users can create and deploy decision logic to trigger targeted promotions based on upcoming events, recent purchases, product searches or any quantifiable collection of factors. Extensive command options facilitate almost every scenario. Customizable commands can accommodate specific industry or organizational requirements. Decisioning delivers the capability to meet customer needs and fuel desires in real-time.

Energizing Promotions with Machine Learning

Informing decisioning is the job of powerful machine learning (ML). ML eats up every data point with a digital spoon, divining associated action clusters from mass data sets. Armed with ML predictions, data scientists can better inform business users on offer triggers that are timely and on point to generate positive responses.

Use cases for injecting AI power to boost customer loyalty features:

Real-time gaming rewards – Enticing profitable casino guests to stay longer requires real-time intel and action. Decision logic can trigger free show tickets, a complimentary trip to the buffet, fancier rooms or any specified loyalty offers to keep big players playing.  As more casinos and sportsbooks continue to enter the market, gambling organizations need to also entice new bettors to play. By leveraging automation technologies and machine learning, casinos and sports books can build out timely offers and upgrades based on customers personal details that trigger with little to no employee interaction.   

Airline frequent-flyer calculation and offers – Frequent-flyer miles are among the most dynamic and complex of customer data to calculate. Decision automation is an ideal technology to effectively manage frequent-flyer rewards. Airlines can leverage decision logic to govern earned air miles. Business users can directly specify award attributions by flyer class, advanced booking and other desired factors. Airlines can weave AI power into customer interactions, including a personalized offer link within confirmation emails.

Enhancing hotel stays – Just as casinos make their money on the gaming floor, hotels’ profits are strictly tied to occupancy. AI decisioning and ML predictions are powerful technologies to inspire guests to rebook again and again. Based on guests’ profiles, including restaurant meals, gift-shop purchases, tour booking and such, a hotel can build actions and operations based on user activity to extend gifts and discounts while they’re on the property and tempt them when they’re back home to come back again with a promo package of known pleasers.

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