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Good Beginnings

Good Beginnings – Achieving Sustainable Automation

Last year, I spoke at Decision Camp about practices that rapidly orient a new team and get them discovering problems in their project--like a compass orienting them toward the North Star. We covered exploring a journey, working through assumptions, stating the problem...

Good Beginnings: Operationalizing Machine Learning Models

Many customers are actively exploring machine learning (ML) and are asking for some simple recipes that can get them going quickly before they make a deeper plunge. That said, here are some of the high-level areas for your planning that will make a difference. Spend...

Good Beginnings: Thinking in Metrics

Every project needs a north star. When we kick off a “Discovery Workshop” the first step is to agree what that star looks like. Getting there takes time. Our process involves taking the project team through critical assumptions—those things that if true, would mean...

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