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Why I Consider InRule to be the “Boring Code” Killer

by | Jan 19, 2018

I joined the InRule Technology team as a sales engineer in the latter half of 2017 and since then several people have asked me why I chose to pursue a new role at InRule.

The answer is rather simple: InRule spends its time and resources to make sure that developers are spending less time in the “boring” code or legacy systems and more time creating new, modern and “fun” projects. So while there are quantitative, monetary and time savings benefits attached to converting to a Business Rules Engine (BRE) there is also a non-quantitative morale boost to the development team, as well.

Earlier in my career, I worked in the healthcare industry and my job was to work exclusively in a legacy system to develop new alerts for an operating room system. I manually updated rows in databases, created new processes and then pushed out a whole new code base to production. From start to finish, the full process for a few alerts would take two weeks and then I would start all over again.

When I received requests for assistance on projects that did not involve developing a new alert, I was overjoyed. Unfortunately, those requests were seldom assigned to me because the high volume of business rule changes that came through the pipeline required my constant attention.
On the other hand, if we had InRule® in place, I could have developed a standard process for the alert system and had the business develop the operating room system rules. In addition, I could have just pushed out the new XML/JSON rules, instead of having to push out a whole new code base to production. This process would have probably taken only a week (at most!) for a few new alerts and would hardly involve the developer.

If my former company had InRule, my help would only have been needed to push changes to the production environment. Reverting and making changes to existing rules would also have been a breeze. By having the InRule BRMS in place, I would have been free from working exclusively on the legacy alert system – and had time to do more modern and fun projects.

I graduated from The Russ College of Engineering at Ohio University and our college’s motto was “To create for good”. When I learned what InRule was creating, I wanted to be a part of their contribution to the software industry. I want development to continue to be fun, and I saw too many developers in my industry working too long on boring code and getting burned out.

In my role as a sales engineer, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned about InRule with those who have yet to discover how it can make – or keep – development fun and interesting while helping the business to achieve its goals. We can help mitigate legacy development, and help bring your software development team in to developing newer systems! If you want to learn more, feel free to connect with us.




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