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InRule Supports .NET Core!

by | Jun 6, 2018

It’s official!

InRule’s irServer rules engine now has support for .NET Core! My fellow InRule engineers and I are thrilled to ship it and put it in the hands of our customers!

If you aren’t familiar with .NET Core, it is Microsoft’s “modular, cross platform, open source and cloud ready platform, which runs on Windows, Mac, Android, IoT and Linux.” It has been undergoing active development by Microsoft since it was released two years ago.

InRule investigated porting to .NET Core when it was first announced in June 2016. We quickly realized that the majority of the APIs we needed were not going to be available until the .NET Core 2.0 time frame.

.NET Core is of interest to many of our new and existing customers for a variety of reasons. Some organizations are looking to Linux as a cost-saving alternative to Windows. Others are starting to use containerization products and/or are starting “Cloud Native” projects. Using the full .NET Framework with those technologies, while doable, isn’t always reasonably done. .NET core was built from the ground up to target those scenarios and is a natural fit.

The entire InRule team is excited to deliver InRule 5.1 with support for .NET Core and provide our customers with more options for rule execution. If you are a new or existing customer and have been waiting for .NET Core support for rule execution, email [email protected] and we’ll be back in touch with the info you need. If you’re not yet an InRule customer but you’d like to learn more about our support for .NET Core, please email [email protected].

You can read the news release here.

We look forward to your feedback!




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