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Decision Table Dreams

by | Jun 22, 2016

Last year members of the InRule Design team interviewed business users about their preferences for authoring rules generally. Many pointed to the Decision Table as their go-to artifact for lots of reasons. It’s compact, reduces edits across many similar rules (when compared to Language rules) and it’s similar to Microsoft Excel which many folks love. At the time, we believed there was still room in our space to make a difference in the lives of business analysts with this rule artifact. As the work progressed we were surprised by the responses of our customers and they have urged us to do more!

As of today, existing InRule customers can try out a preview of our efforts and see if it makes a difference. The goal is to gather as much feedback as we can and direct it back into the Decision Table experience. Log into the support site and navigate to the “extensions” area. You will find it there.

Click HERE to access the ExtensionExchange.

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We look forward to hearing back from you.




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