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CX Survey: Automating the Customer Experience

by | Mar 13, 2023

In our continuing effort to capture the pulse of consumer attitudes toward automation and AI in general, InRule contracted Boston PR firm PAN Communications. Using the Dynata survey platform, their audit conducted last month reveals striking generational contrasts, as well as uniform wariness of generative technologies. Key takeaways:

The great AI generational divide remains

  • 40% of Gen Z think automation helps yield stronger privacy and security. measures through stricter compliance, compared to 12% of Boomers.
  • 41% of Gen Z thought automation offers greater personalization, versus 20% of Boomers.
  • 43% of Gen Z believes automation improves customer support through quicker responses or shorter wait times, while only 28% of Boomers agree.

Boomers’ skepticism continues strong

  • 67% of Boomers think automation lessens human-to-human interaction, compared to just 26% of Gen Z.
  • 47% of Boomers find automation impersonal, versus 31% of Gen Z.
  • A leak or compromised data would prompt 70% of Boomers to be less likely to return as a customer, but only 37% of Gen Z.
  • 50% of Boomers prefer human interaction, even as technology continues to improve CX, compared to 25% of Gen Z.

Everyone is wary of ChatGPT

  • 59% of all consumers distrust generative chatbot technology.
  • 47% of consumers prefer humans over chatbots like ChatGPT during the CX
  • Even as cutting-edge technology like ChatGPT continues to be released to improve experiences, most consumers (70%) will still prefer to interact with and keep a human in the loop.

Customer experience matters, bigtime

  • About a quarter of consumers across industries would pay 5 to 10% more for a better CX, easy website/app navigation, quick and frictionless customer support, personalized communications, etc. Results by segment:
    • 28% – Retail
    • 24% – Healthcare
    • 25% – Insurance
    • 26% – Financial Services
    • 27% – Travel
  • 48% of consumers would likely abandon a company if its website/app is hard to navigate. Top reasons for abandonment:
    • 61% – Hard-to-reach customer support  
    • 55% – Long wait or return response times
    • 55% – Data leak or security breach

CX is lacking across industries, most prominently in insurance

CX ratings by sector:

  • Financial Services – Excellent – 31%; Average – 58%; Poor – 10%
  • Healthcare – Excellent – 31%; Average – 55%; Poor – 14%
  • Insurance – Excellent – 26%; Average – 57%; Poor – 16%
  • Retail Excellent – 34%; Average – 60%; Poor – 6%
  • Travel – Excellent – 38%; Average – 56%; Poor – 7%

Clearly, the buying public resoundingly wants humans firmly in charge of daily automations, no matter how convenient, easy or swift. InRule is a leading provider of human-in-the-loop decision automation, process automation and machine learning. InRule Intelligence Automation features explainable machine learning with bias detection, a vital part of maintaining precious consumer trust. Give your consumers the experiences they want without the impersonality they definitely don’t want. Check out our user-accessible InRule® platform firsthand. Request a demo.




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