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From Azure App Services to AWS Lambda, InRule Has You Covered

by | Oct 10, 2018

2002, the year InRule was born. Windows XP was the dominant client operating system and Windows 2000 Server was continuing to make headway into the enterprise. If you purchased software, it very likely ran on desktops and servers that you had to maintain and replace fairly regularly. And your phone probably looked like this:

Nokia Phone

Similar to the Model T, which was said to be available in “any color as long as it was black”, in 2002 you could run InRule anywhere so long as it was on your own computer in your own datacenter.

How times have changed! The phone in your pocket can probably run circles around the servers from 2002 – and many people aren’t even buying servers anymore. InRule has changed with the times and offers a wide array of rule execution options:

  • In-process in .NET Core and Framework apps (Windows and Linux)
  • In-process JavaScript apps (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, node.js, web pages, etc.)
  • SaaS REST decision services
  • On-premises REST decision services
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure App Services
  • REST decision service containers (via InRule Labs)
  • More coming soon!
    • We’re actively working on additional execution options. If one of the scenarios above doesn’t fit your needs, please let me know and I can connect you to the right person for more information. There’s a good chance we’re working on something that will match your needs.

I want to specifically call out Azure App Services, as they’re one of the newer additions to our portfolio. If you’re on Microsoft Azure and prefer to host some or all of your applications there, our App Services offerings may be a perfect fit. We offer:

  • REST decision services
  • irCatalog
  • irCatalog manager

Thanks to the flexibility provided by the Azure App Service infrastructure, each service (and respective App Service Plan) can be configured to match your needs. Please see our GitHub repo for more information and installation instructions.




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