Execute rules in the browser, in mobile apps, or anywhere JavaScript® can run!

InRule® for JavaScript® allows for business rule execution in the browser, in mobile apps or anywhere else JavaScript can run. By replacing business rules that are currently written in JavaScript, the InRule JavaScript business rules engine streamlines rule authoring and execution, saving organizations time and money.

More Flexibility. More Positive ROI.
InRule for JavaScript delivers the flexibility to run rules on the client-side, server-side or both by packaging rules into executable JavaScript via a service.

For web developers and mobile app developers, InRule for JavaScript makes it easy to author, deploy and execute logic for both the client-side and the server.

Packaged Business Rules at Your Service
irDistributionTM is the service at the core of InRule for JavaScript that packages business rules into JavaScript so that they can run anywhere that JavaScript executes, including Microsoft Azure Functions and Amazon Lambda Functions.

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