JavaScript-based rule execution. No matter who you are.

No matter where you are.

InRule® for JavaScript puts the power of developing no-code, mission-critical logic into the hands of the people driving the requirements. Helping everyone get it right the first time—and every time.

The rules have changed.

Our no-code decision automation technology allows non-developers, data scientists, and subject matter experts to quickly and simply add, change, and tweak business rules effortlessly, without even knowing how to write a line of JavaScript code.

By putting the power of no-code decisioning into the hands of the people driving the requirements, InRule for JavaScript can reduce the potential for misinterpretation and significantly decrease change cycle time.

The resulting JavaScript files are minified and obfuscated and can quickly be deployed like any other .js file.  This means your business logic execution can occur client-side, server-side, or at the edge—with the applications that depend on this complex logic able to execute it in process, anywhere.

JavaScript for the rest of us.

Using easy-to-understand authoring tools like decision tables (below) and business language rule templates, teams can create and then test their logic. With a click or automatically on check-in, our distribution service packages the resulting rule application as JavaScript, ready to be deployed wherever JavaScript can run (for example in a front-end web app, like the image on the right).

Updated Decision Table

More advanced users can utilize our decision platform to do things like modify DOM elements via rules or create advanced, intelligent interactivity – and more.

Use Cases

Use Cases Gray2

Meeting the need for speed. Anywhere.

Because InRule for JavaScript is platform- and browser-agnostic, it gives you the power to run complex, mission-critical business logic and calculations anywhere JavaScript can run – including Microsoft Azure functions and AWS Lambda.

This enables your organization to optimize user experience, with high-performance, contextual engagement—in a fraction of the time of traditional software development lifecycles.

Simply more responsive.

As market conditions and business needs change, subject matter experts are empowered to make changes faster and more efficiently—while available automations through CI/CD for irCatalog® make regression testing, packaging, additional obfuscation and deploying new .js files as simple as a few clicks. The outcome? Faster time to market, better business outcomes, and an overall enhanced user experience.

Higher quality. Lower cost.

According to Gartner Research, the average financial impact of poor data quality on organizations in the US is $15 million per year. With the advent of data cloud platforms that allow users to run stored JavaScript procedures for data cleansing and transformation, InRule for JavaScript puts domain experts and data science teams in direct control of data quality—without requiring them to know Python, SQL, R, or (of course) JavaScript.

InRule for JavaScript gives data teams, business leaders and subject matter experts no-code capabilities to clean and transform data, perform feature engineering, and more – all while providing transparency and auditability across the enterprise.

For IT professionals, updating calculations, decision logic and business rules can comprise a significant portion of their workload. By allowing subject matter experts to make updates directly, InRule helps organizations reduce development costs and give IT teams back more than one full day each week.

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