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Introducing Alfie, InRule’s New AI Assistant

Meet Alfie, your trusted AI assistant for streamlining the deployment of automated decisions. Alfie allows you to create and modify schemas, workflows, and more through a simple chat! The fastest way to express human thought is through language. Automate at the speed of thought with Alfie.

How it works

Alfie Assistant screen capture

1. Kick-Start with the Schema Assistant:

Navigate to InRule’s decisioning platform, Author Studio, and select the “Schema Assistant.” It’s designed to guide you seamlessly through the schema generation process.

2. Craft a Detailed Prompt:

Begin by providing a comprehensive prompt for your specific use case. Remember, the clearer you are about who you are and the challenge you’re facing, the better our tool can assist you.

E.g., “I’m a healthcare payor looking to classify claims to determine if they should be approved and paid out.”

3. Submit Your Request:

Once you’ve detailed your prompt, press the ‘Send’ button. Our advanced GPT-based algorithm will get to work immediately, generating a schema tailored to your needs.

4. Refine the Schema:

Upon receiving the generated schema, inspect it closely. If it doesn’t align perfectly with your expectations, don’t fret!

Provide more detailed or clearer instructions to fine-tune the output.

Hit ‘Send’ again to get a refined schema version.

Alfie Assistant screen capture
trustworthy person

5. Review & Apply:

Thoroughly review the provided schema. Once completely satisfied, apply the generated structure by clicking ‘Apply Generated Schema.’ This will help you create a clearly defined entity structure, laying down a strong foundation for your rule application.

6. Begin Your Authoring Adventure:

Once integrated, your freshly generated schema will be readily accessible under the ‘Entities’ section. With the correct schema in place, you are all set to embark on your authoring journey.