Test Rules with irVerify®

irVerify® enables you to confirm that your rules are executing as expected by testing them with the click of a button. With irVerify, rules can be tested as they are written, letting users know immediately whether they are returning the expected results. irVerify works without the need for a completed application or separate test environment.

A testing tool for rule authors

  • Run rules and make sure the results are correct
  • Enter data into fields or use saved test case scenarios
  • Troubleshoot how values were calculated and rules were evaluated

A debugging tool and regression tester for power users and developers

  • View timing for all aspects of rule execution with the performance report
  • Run detailed rule traces to evaluate execution order and inputs/outputs
  • Open rule traces to debug production environments
  • Create regression test suites that include assertion,comparison, and performance tests
  • Run regression tests and evaluate them visually
  • Automate regression test runs with irSDK code or Windows PowerShell commands