Scalable Rule Execution for Real World Requirements

The InRule rules engine is proven to handle complex logic – many of our customers use InRule daily to process tens of thousands of transactions with hundreds of rules. For more than a decade, InRule has delivered fast, highly scalable rule execution without sacrificing intuitive rule authoring.

A production-tested rule engine
Deployed in hundreds of mission-critical and customer-facing systems in more than 20 countries.

  • Execute rules with a specialized, forward-chaining algorithm that preserves ease of rule writing
  • Scale up or out with a stateless engine that pulls rules from centralized rule storage
  • Hot-deploy rule changes with no system downtime

From .NET to the enterprise

  • Instantiate the rule engine as a .NET object to run in any .NET application
  • Embed the rule engine in web applications, desktop applications or batch processes
  • Execute rules in Windows Azure
  • Call the rule engine as a service via SOAP or REST endpoints for rule execution.