An Intuitive Way to Author and Test Business Logic

50% of InRule users are not technical.

Why does that matter?

Unlike other platforms with limited ability to handle the challenges of creating business rules that address real world complexities, InRule enables enterprise-scale decisions across multiple business domains, no matter how complicated the policy or varied the source of data – all without necessarily requiring intervention from developer resources.

Eliminating hard-coded business rules allows subject matter experts to manage the logic and keep up with the speed of business – and frees up IT teams to focus on more technical initiatives.

irAuthor® and irVerify® make it easy to author and test business rules and ensure that decision logic can be written, tested and deployed quickly.

Write Business Rules with irAuthor

irAuthor offers an intuitive interface that makes it fast and easy to write business rules and change them to reflect changing marketplace and customer needs. With irAuthor you can express simple or complex rules naturally, using a variety of rule types. You can also configure the rule writing environment to meet the needs of your technical and non-technical users.

Technical and non-technical users write business rules

  • Write rules with an intuitive, menu-driven approach via the business language editor

Business Language Author Editor

  • Easily update rules so that you can make changes as quickly as the market demands
  • Streamline large sets of similarly structured rules with decision tables

Decision Table Author & Test

  • Express calculations and complex conditions with Excel-like syntax expressions
  • Work in a familiar Microsoft Office-like environment
  • Have rules perform a wide variety of actions from setting field values to calling web services

Set-up your rule authoring environment using existing resources

  • Define the data schemas against which users can write rules—create them manually or import an existing database, XSD, or .Net Assembly
  • Define endpoints for accessing resources like .NET libraries, databases and web services

Configure a rule authoring environment for your specific needs

  • Customize the business language editor with vocabulary and rule templates that make the rule-writing experience specific to your industry and organization
  • Extend irAuthor to create custom functionality using the irSDK authoring API
  • Share or restrict parts of a rule application using irCatalog

Review the irAuthor Getting Started Video

Test Rules with irVerify

Accessible from inside irAuthor, irVerify enables you to confirm that your rules are executing as expected by testing them with the click of a button. With irVerify, rules can be tested as they are written, letting users know immediately whether they are returning the expected results. irVerify works without the need for a completed application or separate test environment.

A testing tool for rule authors

  • Run rules and make sure the results are correct
  • Enter data into fields or use saved test case scenarios
  • Troubleshoot how values were calculated and rules were evaluated

A debugging tool and regression tester for power users and developers

  • View timing for all aspects of rule execution with the performance report
  • Run detailed rule traces to evaluate execution order and inputs/outputs
  • Open rule traces to debug production environments
  • Create regression test suites that include assertion, comparison, and performance tests
  • Run regression tests and evaluate them visually
  • Automate regression test runs with irSDK code or Windows PowerShell commands

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