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Emerging Technologies Empowering Insurers to Thrive

Certainly, no private sector has felt the brunt of COVID as the insurance industry. A recent report estimates of the cumulative payout of American insurers for pandemic-related care are as high as over half a trillion. At the same time, exciting technologies are...

Improving Business Decisions for Better Outcomes

Have you ever made a bad business decision? Maybe it was a minor one (signing a two-year contract without shopping for additional bids) or maybe it was one for the history books (filling the Hindenburg with hydrogen instead of helium). Regardless of the magnitude,...

What is a Decision Platform?

It’s been about two years since my last Back to Basics blog post, where I detailed what makes a rules engine and Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Since that time, InRule has evolved its offerings, going beyond a BRMS to delivering a solution that helps...

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