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InsureTech Connect Vegas 2023, The Future of Insurance

InRule came in full force to the InsureTech Connect Vegas 2023 conference, a worldwide gathering of the insurance industry’s best and brightest. The conference took place October 31 to November 2, and gave the InRule team the chance to find out what’s on the mind of...

Change Happens: How AI Decisioning Is Transforming Insurance

More and more specialty and P&C insurers are discovering the many benefits of enhanced AI decisioning. Among all service industries, insurance is one of the earliest. Wikipedia dates the first risk management measures to sea-going Babylonia, Chinese and Indian...

Top Event Takeaways: 2023 ISM + PHSA Education Conference & Expo

InRule was on hand for the 2023 ISM + PHSA Education Conference & Expo. Held from September 10 through 13 in Kissimmee, FL, the gathering, hosted by Information Technology Solutions Management for Human Services and Public Human Service Attorneys, brought together...

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