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Banking and Finance

Key Takeaways from Future Digital Finance

InRule was well represented at Future Digital Finance 2023, an international gathering exploring the cutting edge of digital currency. Some key thoughts from the event: Trust is superseding sales – Banks and Credit Unions are shifting their focus from selling more...

Self-Service Fraud Detection

Staying One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys A couple years ago I drove to the forest preserve to go for a run. I had done it so often that it never crossed my mind that something like this would happen. When I made it back to my car, I found my window had been bashed in. I...

Loan Origination and Business Rule Management Systems

During the loan origination process, when a lender makes a decision on whether or not to lend money to a potential borrower, there are a whole host of steps the lender must take and decisions they must make before the final loan can be approved and closed. Some of...

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