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Enterprise JavaScript and Obfuscation: Opportunity and Risk Mitigation

Spoiler alert: this post will not declare all the virtues of the JavaScript language, such as its async programming model, node package management (npm), Node.js, client frameworks, or IDE support.…

Enterprise JavaScript
Chris Berg

The Portable Inline Table

Managing the reference data required by a decision is a common challenge for most rule applications. And depending upon your requirements, you have several options for storing that data, such…

Portable Inline Table
Chris Berg

Salesforce Integration: Bespoke Execution using Lightning, REST, APEX, and JavaScript

In a previous post, we looked at the fantastic integration options that are available out-of-the-box with our Salesforce integration. While the functionality that integration provides will be sufficient for the…

Salesforce Integration
Dan Gardiner

InRule for JavaScript

InRule for JavaScript allows for native rule execution in JavaScript. For both web developers and mobile developers, InRule for JavaScript makes it easy to author, deploy and execute logic for…

InRule Admin

ETL and Batch Processing using InRule for JavaScript and MongoDB

Many of our clients utilize InRule for data preparation, data cleansing and ETL processing. Recently, we’ve seen a rise in demand in this area so we thought we’d detail how…

Peter Fudalej

Azure IoT and Decision Logic

If you’re building internet connected devices, implementing a decision platform can be a key differentiator for both your product team and your device users. This is a separation of concerns.…

Product Management Team