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Good Beginnings – Achieving Sustainable Automation

Last year, I spoke at Decision Camp about practices that rapidly orient a new team and get them discovering problems in their project–like a compass orienting them toward the North…

Automation Teamwork
Chris Berg

Supporting Healthcare Customers and Protecting Patient Data with HIPAA Compliance

Our daily life is consumed with data. With every action we take, from driving our car, shopping at the store, and using our phone, we create data. This applies to…

HIPAA Compliance
Peter Fudalej

DMN + InRule: The Picture-Perfect Way to Develop Automated Decisions

On-Demand Webinar DMN + InRule: The Picture-Perfect Way to Develop Automated Decisions Decision Model and Notation (DMN) provides a visual representation of the steps and factors involved in automated enterprise…
Renee Wagner

Oh, the Wondrous Things You Can Do…

Four universal business benefits of utilizing a decision platform. When someone mentions decision automation with a decision platform, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Some people mistakenly think…

Office workers using decision automation
Sales + Marketing Teams

Author Studio

With Author Studio, subject matter experts can author and edit business rules quickly and easily. Its intuitive web interface allows for agile updates to business logic without the need for…

Renee Wagner

Improving Business Decisions for Better Outcomes

Have you ever made a bad business decision? Maybe it was a minor one (signing a two-year contract without shopping for additional bids) or maybe it was one for the…

Man using InRule Metrics
Sales + Marketing Teams