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Microsoft Azure

Loading and Using Third Party ADO.NET Data Providers

One of the great things about InRule is that there are numerous spots within the product where you can extend native functionalities to be able to easily support integrating with new things that we haven’t added into the core product (yet). One of those areas is...

Give it a REST! Part 2: Retrieving and Using Azure AD OAuth Tokens in a Rule App

In the first part of this two-part series, we created a Rule App that calls out to an irServer REST Rule Execution Service (RES) – if you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend reading through that first. In this part, we’re going to briefly touch on how to configure...

From Azure App Services to AWS Lambda, InRule Has You Covered

2002, the year InRule was born. Windows XP was the dominant client operating system and Windows 2000 Server was continuing to make headway into the enterprise. If you purchased software, it very likely ran on desktops and servers that you had to maintain and replace...

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