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Automate Personalization: Building Customer Loyalty Through AI Decisioning

No two customers are alike, and nothing knows it better than AI. More and more service businesses, in sectors from airlines to gaming, are realizing real value from using decision automation, supported by powerful machine learning, to manage and enhance their...

AI Decisioning: What is it, exactly?

Every second of every day, all across the globe, vital, life-affecting decisions are increasingly made not by people, but by AI decisioning. Yet, despite its ubiquity, for many, the question remains, what exactly is it? According to Forrester Research, “AI decisioning...

AI Explainability: Why You Need It, Why It Matters­­­

It’s no secret artificial intelligence is transforming busines­­s and life in general. AI is empowering organizations to raise productivity, lower costs and broaden horizons. At the same time, human oversight and control is essential. Beyond leveraging machine...

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