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Updated Agreements April 2021

DPA is an integral part of the Agreement (GT&C)

The current text of the agreement governing the processing of personal data is being supplemented with a written DPA (Data Processor Agreement). This DPA governs how InRule, as a processor of personal data, processes the personal data which you as a customer and the controller of personal data choose to process in our platform. We have produced a data processor agreement, which is well balanced and adapted to the InRule Process Automation service. This DPA applies automatically and thus no extra approval is required.

Updated DPA April 2021

Pursuing a policy to offer consistent and unambiguous privacy conditions for our customers, InRule is changing providers for outgoing e-mail messages from US-based Mailgun to The Netherlands-based Flowmaler. This change is intended to remove potential privacy concerns relating to sub processing of personal data in the wake of a June 2020 ruling by the European Court of Justice to declare the European Commission’s Privacy Shield Decision to be invalid. For questions or clarifications, please contact [email protected].

General Terms & Conditions InRule Process Automation
Download as pdf (eng) or Download as pdf (swe) – Last updated 2018-04-25

General Terms & Conditions Consulting Services
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Data Processor Agreement (DPA)
Download as pdf (eng) or Download as pdf (swe) – Last updated 2021-04-19

List of Sub Processors