Why You’re Wrong About Operationalizing AI

Debunk Common Myths About AI to Turn Insights Into Actions

Featuring Special Guest Presenter: Mike Gualtieri, VP, Principal Analyst,

A new study from Forrester uncovers common myths that have permeated today’s enterprises, preventing AI projects from getting off the ground.

Forrester’s survey of AI decision-makers reveals how organizations can challenge these perceptions and operationalize AI more efficiently to deliver better customer experiences and gain a competitive edge.

Join guest presenter Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri for a webinar and learn key findings from the study including:

  • Common myths related to the use of AI in today’s enterprises
  • The top five challenges of using AI
  • The most popular use cases for enterprise AI projects
  • Forrester’s recommendations for enterprises seeking to operationalize AI

The presentation also features Theresa Benson, from InRule’s product team, who highlights use cases and real-world examples of how organizations are successfully leveraging AI, including machine learning and decision automation, to gain insights about customers and markets, improve business outcomes and drive growth.

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