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InRule SaaS Trial: REST Execution without Code

So you’ve got your InRule SaaS Trial up and running. You’ve written some rules, tested them and stored them in the Catalog. The trial has a REST Execution service that…

Dan Reynolds

More on InRule SaaS

I am pleased to announce that on January 15th, 2018 InRule released its SaaS offering on Microsoft Azure. As a starting point, customers choose from several configurations and we deploy…

Chris Berg

InRule CEO Rik Chomko’s Observations from the 2018 SaaStr Conference

I love going to conferences. Most of the time, they are amazing events for a meeting of the minds on a similar set of topics that everyone in attendance is…

Rik Chomko

The Empowerment Food Chain

Integrating multiple technologies such that they work as a single technology can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things we technologists do. Who has not suffered from the…

Loren Goodman