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Key Takeaways from Insurance Innovators: NORDICS

InRule was on hand at the leading gathering of insurance executives in the Nordics region. Key thoughts from the event: AI explainability is paramount – As public awareness of artificial intelligence has grown, so has the attention of international lawmakers. The...

Emerging Technologies Empowering Insurers to Thrive

Certainly, no private sector has felt the brunt of COVID as the insurance industry. A recent report estimates of the cumulative payout of American insurers for pandemic-related care are as high as over half a trillion. At the same time, exciting technologies are...

Patterns and Practices: Iterating Collections

While struggling with While Loops…I was Saved by Execute Member Rule Set I have a little bit of experience with programming – enough to be dangerous. However, this experience biased me just enough that when presented with the problem below, my first approach was to...

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