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Automation Empowered Healthcare

  Every day, in every corner, automation powers commerce, determines eligibility, manages inventory, performs QA, directs transportation, detects fraud and many other complex applications. The following depicts an evening shift following “Billie,” a fictional...

Enlivening Life Sciences with Artificial Intelligence

Every day, across the globe, AI powers advance in a growing list of science and technology fields. InRule connects life-sciences researchers with dynamic, accessible automation and machine-learning tools. A recent Gartner infographic – AI Use-Case Prism for Life...

InRule for Microsoft Dynamics for Patient Case Management

I don't particularly enjoy going to the doctor. As a healthy individual, I generally find it to be a waste of time and money. Yes, I realize how privileged I am to be able to make that statement. But hear me out. I go to a hospital, which is already on the list of my...

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