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What is a Decision Platform?

It’s been about two years since my last Back to Basics blog post, where I detailed what makes a rules engine and Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Since that time, InRule has evolved its offerings, going beyond a BRMS to delivering a solution that helps...

Good Beginnings: Thinking in Metrics

Every project needs a north star. When we kick off a “Discovery Workshop” the first step is to agree what that star looks like. Getting there takes time. Our process involves taking the project team through critical assumptions—those things that if true, would mean...

Sailing to Success with Data-Driven Decisions

Imagine you are taking a sailboat out to sea. While the shoreline is still in view, it is fairly straight forward to course-correct through trial and error using the land as a reference. However, it gets much more complicated when you can no longer see the shore....

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