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Thriving in the Age of Patient Empowerment

Thriving in the Age of Patient Empowerment How to navigate the confluence of care and consumerism Find out how to navigate the confluence of care and consumerism. COVID has only…
Pete Fudalej - Admin

Enlivening Life Sciences with Artificial Intelligence

Every day, across the globe, AI powers advance in a growing list of science and technology fields. InRule connects life-sciences researchers with dynamic, accessible automation and machine-learning tools. A recent…

Life Sciences
Jonathan Kaler

Supporting Healthcare Customers and Protecting Patient Data with HIPAA Compliance

Our daily life is consumed with data. With every action we take, from driving our car, shopping at the store, and using our phone, we create data. This applies to…

HIPAA Compliance
Peter Fudalej

Improving Business Decisions for Better Outcomes

Have you ever made a bad business decision? Maybe it was a minor one (signing a two-year contract without shopping for additional bids) or maybe it was one for the…

Man using InRule Metrics
Sales + Marketing Teams

InRule for Microsoft Dynamics for Patient Case Management

I don’t particularly enjoy going to the doctor. As a healthy individual, I generally find it to be a waste of time and money. Yes, I realize how privileged I…

Patient Case Management
Peter Fudalej

Observations from the 2018 HCP Spring Conference

This was my first conference and I was blessed to join fellow InRulians for the 2018 HCP Spring Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The HCP Conference was an amazing space where…

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