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Healthcare: Providers

Empowering Healthcare Providers

Improve efficiency, satisfaction levels and patient outcomes with the combined power of the InRule® AI Decisioning Platform. No-code decision automation, process automation and machine learning empower healthcare users through multiple applications, including:

Population Management

The InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform puts the full power of automation directly into the hands of subject matter experts and key staff, enabling them to access patient data across ERMs and popular CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

Dynamic Case Management

Create a simple set of rules determining the next step for care based on insurance eligibility, patient history, medications and other specified factors.

Automated Triage Suggestions

Route patients to providers according to rules based on treatment priority, workflows, location and any other vital factors, instantly.

Trigger Alerts for Patients and Medical Staff

Set automated rules and workflows to alert patients and/or medical staff when immediate attention is necessary.

Automated Orders and Notifications

Automate lab orders, prescription approvals and related care instructions to appropriate providers and team members.

Thriving in the Age of Patient Empowerment

Our latest eBook details how to navigate the confluence of care and consumerism. COVID has only accelerated the trend of patients as healthcare consumers. Success in the digital age means embracing key technologies.  

Download the eBook today and discover how healthcare systems are turning to decision automation, process automation and machine learning to boost revenue, efficiencies and patient satisfaction!

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Workflow automation could save $16.3 billion, in addition to the $122 billion the industry has already recouped through automation.