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InRule Technology® Acquires Explainable AI Software Leader, simMachines, Inc.

Jun 8, 2021

Combined solution will provide enterprises with

unprecedented decision automation capabilities 

to keep pace with the speed of business


CHICAGO – InRule Technology®, provider of the leading decision platform for automating mission-critical business decisions, today announced the acquisition of Chicago-based simMachines, Inc., the leader in explainable AI/machine learning (XAI) applications.

simMachines de-risks traditional “black box” machine learning models by explaining “the why” behind every prediction made. Understanding the reasoning behind a prediction provides organizations, especially those within highly regulated industries, with greater auditability, transparency, and confidence.

By combining the InRule® Decision Platform with simMachines’ explainable AI technology, enterprises can leverage the power of human-driven (declarative) and machine-driven (non-declarative) AI within a single platform. This enables organizations to build and deploy the most extensive, accurate, and transparent decision automation strategies.

“We are thrilled to augment our decision platform with simMachines’ technology to create the most comprehensive AI solution on the market, while advancing our mission of making automation accessible across the enterprise,” said Rik Chomko, co-founder and CEO, InRule Technology. “Together, InRule and simMachines will provide extraordinary decision automation capabilities to data scientists, developers, and citizen developers alike, while delivering actionable insights that foster transparency and trust.”

“In today’s market, explainable AI is essential for automating predictions and decisions in an ethical manner,” said Rob Levy, a software industry expert and senior advisor to InRule. “The addition of simMachines explainable AI technology to InRule’s decision platform provides enterprises with superior visibility into automated predictions and outcomes, ensuring that AI is being used in a responsible, bias-free manner.”

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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