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Join our intro session and discover the power of decision automation!

All organization are surrounded by business logic and rules, many times buried in application code, Excel files and mainly maintained by IT. This can impact your organization’s ability to quickly adapt to market changes affecting your customers’ experience and your organization’s competitive edge.

Decision Automation

Hosted by Hannah Findley

April 24 | 01:00PM CEST/12:00PM BST | ENGLISH

We’ll dive into how decision automation can help you make automation accessible.

  • What is a Decision Platform?
  • InRule Decisioning
  • Live Demonstration
  • Overview of Platform Architecture
  • Recommended Evaluation Steps

Join our expert speakers as they give you an intro to InRule Decisioning. You’ll learn how these advanced, but simple-to-use, technologies can help you make faster, more accurate decisions and have them centralized and re-usable across your organization.

Register now for our intro session on decision automation and discover the power of automation for yourself.