InRule for Insurance

For more than fifteen years InRule has empowered insurance companies to automate decisions for a faster time to market, lower costs and greater customer satisfaction.

By enabling technical and non-technical users to change rules and calculations in applications without programming, InRule makes it easy to leverage more of your employees’ expertise in your industry and systems. By empowering actuaries, underwriters and other subject matter experts to manage the logic they understand best, InRule helps insurance companies streamline processes, reduce costs and maintain (or gain) a competitive advantage.

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    eBook: Digital Insurance: Serving the Customer in a Post-COVID World

    White Paper: Decision Platforms & Rating Engines in Specialty Lines

    “For one of our insurance coverages, it took an experienced programmer 120-160 hours to develop the logic [without InRule] for the rating program. An actuary, using InRule, was able to build and test the same logic in 14 hours.” In addition, they used the tool to express their requirements instead of having to write up a huge Word document.”

    – Underwriter, Aon Corporation

    Choosing InRule over coding logic has saved our customers an average of $1,485,150 per deployment.

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    Westland Insurance has been using InRule technology for the past several years. This technology has helped us achieve greater control over rating and underwriting rules that are vital to our business.
    With a very flexible design model we have been able to introduce rules management into our legacy technology. As this legacy technology is decommissioned, the InRule solution has been simple to migrate to the replacement technologies based on Microsoft .NET.
    We are very pleased with how the InRule team has supported us through the years, and look forward to continued service and support in the future.”

    – Geoff Blair, Vice President, Information Technology