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Rule Authoring

Let Us Share Our Rule Authoring Best Practices with You

InRule offers advisory services to help you organize and structure your rules, using best practices and patterns to reduce the ramp-up time and improve the effectiveness of the people writing business rules for your application.

In more than ten years of implementing rule-based applications, we’ve seen just about everything. Let us share what we’ve learned to help you avoid mistakes and get to the finish line faster.

Services to optimize writing business rules include:

  • Harvesting rules from documents, spreadsheets and applications
  • Developing a common vocabulary
  • Organizing and managing rules
  • Decision table design
  • Entity schema definition
  • Rule set optimization
  • Custom guides for writing business rules
Write Business Rules Designed for Change

Professional Services Rule Authoring services will help you write business rules that are:

  • Well-organized
  • Intuitively understood
  • Transparent
  • eEasily maintained
  • Readily adaptable to change