Getting Started with Automation

Discover the real impacts of automation

Dip your toes into the exciting, transformative world of user-accessible AI. Explore how no-code automation is changing business, life and society, all for the very better. Getting Started with Automation covers the world of decision automation, process automation and machine learning, and the unique no-code, wholistic solution from InRule Technology®, Intelligence Automation. Enjoy a good read about better decisions 

Learn about: 

  • Decision Automation – driving better, faster, more-equitable decisions
  • Process Automation – leveraging workflow automation to enable humans to soar 
  • Machine Learning – delivering unbiased predictions with contributing factors  

Real-world scenarios: 

  • Loan origination 
  • Risk assessment for reintegration 
  • Pharmaceutical research 

And more: 

  • Choosing an automation partner 
  • Top 10 automation best practices 
  • FAQ 

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