Create More Personalized
Experiences Faster – Without Code

Accelerate the speed of decision automation, compliance with regulations, and response to market trends while reducing the risk of errors due to miscommunicated requirements.

Designed to scale as your business grows, InRule for Salesforce® can process thousands of moments with thousands of rules – with no disruption to user experience.

Make it Personal

  • Create personalized recommendations that build loyalty and reduce churn
  • Design omnichannel experiences that easily adapt to evolving business strategy
  • Operationalize data science initiatives and reimagine customer engagement
  • Make real-time decisions that deepen relationships using data from Salesforce, custom applications, databases, ERP and legacy systems

Deliver impactful decision management by deploying a proven, trusted solution for managing business logic in the enterprise. InRule for Salesforce empowers business and IT users to manage complex business rules and calculations that had previously required JavaScript or Apex expertise and sometimes thousands of lines of code.

InRule for Salesforce makes it easy to configure and execute decisions, display informational messages, and save changes back to Salesforce.

“With InRule for Salesforce, not only can we execute the types of complex algorithms our business needs, but the time required to rate a new plan has gone from 38 hours to just one.”

Major dental insurance provider
in the Midwestern U.S.

Designed for Salesforce

  • Create complex, in-context decisions built on a central point of truth – all without the need for Apex™ code modifications
  • Run rules on demand with InRule Lightning Web Component
  • Build automated rule execution with trigger integration
  • Execute rules as part of Lightning Flows, custom Lightning Web Components, and more

Built for Reality

With InRule for Salesforce, get the best of both worlds: users can test using live Salesforce data without impacting live records. Simply choose the Salesforce data to use, and all the required information will be automatically loaded into our testing tool, irVerify. The result? Real-world scenario testing with the confidence that no changes made during rule execution will affect the production environment.

Use Cases

Deployed in Minutes. Not Days.

  • Options include PaaS, SaaS and on-premises
  • Available InRule ARM Template to deploy needed components in a snap
  • Data structure import and synchronization with built-in entity state mapping
  • Visibility into how rules execute with full access to request/response information

For IT professionals, updating calculations, decision logic and business rules can comprise a significant portion of their workload. By allowing subject matter experts to make updates directly, InRule helps organizations reduce development costs and give IT teams back almost two full-days each week.  Learn more and view a demo on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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