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InRule Version 4.5 Generally Available

Mar 7, 2013

InRule Technology®, the premier Business Rule Management System for the Microsoft Platform, announced today that InRule®Version 4.5 is generally available. InRule Version 4.5 includes an enhanced rule execution engine, designed to improve performance and reduce memory consumption.

In tests InRule Version 4.5 executed most rule applications 200% to 500% faster than in previous versions. InRule utilizes new functionality introduced in .NET 4.0 and distributes execution across multiple cores, better utilizing today’s multicore CPUs.

InRule Version 4.5 also delivers reduced memory consumption. Tests indicate memory consumption is reduced for many types of rule applications by 50%. For complex rule applications with many entities, memory consumption will be reduced even more dramatically. In one test that loads over 5,000 entities, memory was reduced by over 94%. Additional performance tuning options are also included in this release.

“This release is a landmark release, as it signifies a fully enhanced rule engine designed for high performance, stated Rik Chomko, Chief Operating Officer, InRule Technology. “Increasing numbers of customers require the ability to execute complex rules against large data structures with high performance both online and in batch mode. This release delivers high performance for our customers’ current and future needs. InRule Version 4.5, combined with the significant enhancements in rule authoring capabilities delivered in Version 4.0, solidifies our position as an innovator and leader in the business rule management system marketplace.”