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InRule Technology Announces InRule Version 3.0

Jun 9, 2008

InRule Technology, innovative provider of InRule®, the premier business rule engine for .NET and said by Forrester to have the strongest features of the pure .NET platforms¹, is now even better with the general availability of InRule Version 3.0. InRule Version 3.0 addresses the needs of organizations implementing rule applications across the enterprise with new features for:

  • Custom, business-specific vocabulary with Rule Templates
  • Improved collaboration and rule reuse
  • Rule execution across the enterprise with irSOA

InRule’s intuitive Business Language Authoring capabilities have been further extended with the ability to establish domain-specific vocabulary in the rule authoring interface. Users may extend InRule’s standard template catalog with custom terms and expressions so that an organization’s specific terminology can be added to irAuthor’s out-of-the-box rule constructs and actions. Rule Templates with domain-specific vocabulary provide a familiar context for non-technical users and simplify the creation of complex rules by allowing users to define logic in terms they understand.

Improved Collaboration with Expanded Rule Reuse and Management Capabilities

InRule’s catalog component, irCatalog, has been enhanced to allow more granular use and reuse of catalog elements and greater control over the ways in which rule applications are accessed and shared. Users have the ability to specify whether new schemas, rulesets, and data elements are shareable, and may reuse selected elements to create new applications. This allows greater consistency in how critical decision logic is applied across an enterprise, because one set of rules and business schemas is authored and maintained, then reused wherever needed.

Check-in/check-out, permissions and version control at a granular level allow for enhanced management of rules and rule application elements from development through production.

Rule Execution Across the Enterprise: Introducing irSOA

Combining rule-based technology with an SOA (service-oriented architecture) approach is an effective strategy for enforcing consistent use of business rules across the enterprise. This is especially important for those organizations dealing with compliance and regulatory issues.

The introduction of irSOA will make it easier to implement rules as services for an SOA approach, and to integrate rules into an existing service ecosystem such as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB.) Any of the rules or calculations authored in InRule can be published as a web service that can be called from any platform or application that is web service enabled.

Users will be able to access InRule’s engine service without requiring InRule on client machines, making the service more accessible from other platforms and software products. This simplifies deployment, reduces dependency on client machines, and improves performance.

“InRule’s custom Rule Templates help bridge the gap from IT coding logic to business users driving dynamic decisioning,” said Paul Hessinger, Chief Executive Officer for InRule Technology. “InRule is changing the way users think about rules by enabling them to express logic in familiar business vocabulary customized to an organization, project, or individual.”