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InRule Technology® Announces Availability of InRule® for JavaScript

Nov 18, 2015

InRule Technology®, provider of InRule®, the industry-leading business rules management system (BRMS), is pleased to announce the availability of InRule for JavaScript, the first and only BRMS that can execute natively in JavaScript.

InRule for JavaScript packages rules authored by business users into executable JavaScript via a service, allowing business logic developed by analysts to be run on the client-side, server-side or both. The technology saves enterprises time and money by providing an alternative to writing business rules in code.

From Web applications to mobile applications, InRule for JavaScript facilitates an enhanced experience for end users. InRule for JavaScript allows complex validations, calculations, and messages to be instantly provided to Web app users, while allowing field personnel to run rules in connected or disconnected environments with mobile apps. In addition, InRule for JavaScript enables complex business rules to be run client-side in Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms or in the tablet app in connected or disconnected environments.

“From on-premise, to the cloud and via mobile, InRule Technology is committed to empowering enterprises to leverage the power of rules anywhere,” said InRule Technology President and COO Rik Chomko. “InRule for JavaScript highlights our product innovation and underscores our focus on empowering customers to ‘pick a platform’ with the confidence that InRule will meet them there to help them manage the decisions that power their businesses.”