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InRule®, AveriSource Announce Technology Partnership

Jul 17, 2018

Complementary Technologies Automate Migration of Hard-Coded Business Logic from COBOL

and Other Languages for Greater Transparency, Agility, Flexibility and Scalability

InRule®, provider of the industry-leading decision platform, today announced a technology partnership with AveriSource, the leader in business rules discovery, source code analysis and documentation.

The organizations’ complementary technologies optimize digital transformation by automating the extraction of hard-coded business logic from COBOL, RPG and other languages, and putting it in a form that can be maintained by the business people who best understand the logic.

It can then be executed from a multitude of platforms, designed to integrate with leading-edge technologies, allowing organizations to take advantage of the agility, flexibility, scalability and transparency provided by the cloud and other modern deployment options.

The solution includes AveriSource’s iSAT analysis tool that reads mainframe code, breaks it into meaningful components and identifies data structures, including business rules. Once business rules are identified, they are extracted from the original application and transformed into a format that can be ingested into the InRule® Decision Platform. From there, the logic is displayed so it can be reviewed and verified by a subject matter expert. From that point, the logic can be deployed anywhere and easily integrated with existing applications.

“Organizations are increasingly challenged to digitally transform their business models to embrace new ways of delivering products and services to market,” said Richard Cronheim, president, AveriSource.  “The combination of the InRule Decision Platform with AveriSource’s iSAT analysis tool makes it possible to identify and migrate business rules from monolithic procedural legacy systems to low code technology that supports a myriad of deployment options.”

“Legacy applications with hard-coded logic can be time-consuming and expensive to maintain, and the lack of subject matter expert visibility into the rules places organizations at risk for costly fines or lost revenue,” said Rik Chomko, co-founder and CEO, InRule. “Together with AveriSource, we make it possible for organizations to go from the mainframe to modern deployment options, such as microservices, while leveraging the investment they have already made into the mission-critical logic that powers their business.”

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About AveriSource

AveriSource is the leader in business rules discovery, source code analysis and application documentation. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, AveriSource’s cloud-based iSAT has analyzed millions of lines of source code for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. For further information on AveriSource, visit

About InRule Technology®

InRule Technology® enables enterprises to understand and automate decisions with unparalleled speed, agility, accuracy and transparency. IT and business personnel rely on InRule’s decision platform, including its Business Rules Management System (BRMS), to increase productivity, grow revenue and enhance customer service. With its ‘author first’ approach, InRule empowers both technical and business rule authors to write and manage rules. From on-premises, to the cloud and via mobile, InRule allows organizations to run rules anywhere for extreme flexibility and scalability. More than 350 InRule User Community members depend on InRule to reduce development and change cycles by 90 percent for their mission critical systems and customer-facing applications. InRule has been delivering measurable business and IT results in high-performance environments since 2002. For more information visit

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