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Legacy System Modernization

Legacy applications with hard-coded logic can be time-consuming and expensive to maintain, and the lack of subject matter expert visibility into the rules places organizations at risk for costly fines or lost revenue.

InRule and AveriSource have partnered to create a solution that optimizes legacy system modernization by automating the extraction – or harvesting – of hard-coded business logic from COBOL, RPG and other languages, and putting it in a form that can be maintained by teams from the business that understand the logic.

The process begins with AveriSource’s iSAT analysis tool that reads mainframe code, breaks it into meaningful components and identifies data structures, including business rules. Once business rules are identified, they are extracted from the original application and transformed into a format that can be ingested into the InRule Decision Platform. From there, the logic is displayed so it can be reviewed and verified by a subject matter expert. From that point, the logic can be deployed anywhere and easily integrated with existing applications.