Architecture and Integration

Get on the ROAD to a Successful Rule-Driven Project
InRule Technology’s Services team is focused on Rules-Oriented Application Development (ROAD). We are the ROAD team. With more than decades’ experience with InRule, our consultants have unparalleled expertise in implementing rule-based applications of all types.

Discovery and Best Practices to Inform the Architecture

For engagements in the early discovery stages, InRule Technology’s ROAD Services team uses proven practices to profile and model your company’s business rules to help establish a strong foundation for project, whether it’s an upgrade to an existing system or a complete conversion to a rules-oriented architecture.

Service Oriented Architectures and More

InRule can be deployed in multiple configurations, including Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). InRule consultants will work with your IT staff to determine an appropriate architecture that meets your technical guidelines. The ROAD team can aid in designing a services-oriented architecture, rule-service and repository configuration, application messaging, deployment strategy formulation, and much more. Advanced integration specialties include:

Design and Tune for Performance

To help deliver the performance your application requires, the ROAD Services team provides advisory services based on more than a decade of helping design and tune mission critical and customer-facing rule-based systems. Our consultants provide guidance and best practices for optimization, load-balancing, and performance.