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The Power of What If: How One Company Achieved Greater Customer Satisfaction and Revenue with Digital Decisioning

Your enterprise is powered by automated decisions (digital decisions) that impact revenue, profitability and other vital KPIs. However, when stakeholders push and pull levers that power the decisions of your business, there can be unintentional and sometimes negative consequences on related business outcomes. How do you proactively assess the impact that changes to your digital decisions will have on your business?

InRule presents a webinar featuring Matt Hahn, Senior Director of COB Management for HMS, a leading technology, analytics and solutions provider for healthcare payers in the United States. Hahn details how his organization leverages digital decisions to test various scenarios to drive growth, revenue and continually improve customer satisfaction.

The presentation also features Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst John Rymer who will highlight the latest trends in digital decisioning and the importance of analytics in shaping digital decisions at the enterprise level.

Check out the presentation to get up to speed on the power of “what if” for your organization. 

Featured Presenters:

Chris Berg
Chris Berg
Director, Product Strategy and Design, InRule
Matt Hahn
Senior Director, COB Yield Management, HMS
John Rymer
Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester


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