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Empower your business users with InRule® for Microsoft® Dynamics® 365! By leveraging InRule’s enterprise-grade integration with Dynamics, complex decision logic that traditionally requires platform customization and custom code can be managed by the business teams who understand the requirements best. InRule allows you to reduce workload on your IT staff, limit the risk of misunderstood requirements, and simplify deployment of automated decisions into your organization.

For organizations that need to manage complex business logic for CRM-based applications, InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides intuitive software to write, manage, share and execute decision logic.

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Select InRule
You’re on the right path already! Choosing InRule means choosing the industry-leading Authoring experience. It means allowing to allow your business users to deliver impactful Decision Management without custom code. Most importantly, it means deploying a proven, trusted solution for managing decisions in the enterprise that is already relied upon by hundreds of organizations to automate the decisions that power their businesses.
Get InRule from Dynamics AppSource
Microsoft AppSource has revolutionized the simplicity with which solutions can be deployed into Dynamics. By simply navigating to the AppSource listing for InRule, you can select the Dynamics instance you want to deploy to and instantly start your journey to simplified decision automation!
Deploy InRule to Microsoft Azure
Using the InRule ARM (Azure Resource Manager) Template, deploying all the components needed to support your decisions is a snap! Simply provide some basic information about your Azure environment, run the template, and the necessary resources get pushed out. From there, you’re off and running with InRule!
Import Dynamics Schema and Build Rules using irAuthor
Our irAuthor rule authoring application contains a deep integration with Dynamics, allowing you to directly connect to Dynamics and retrieve schema elements you want rules to govern. Entities, Picklists, Children and References, we support them all!

Once you’ve brought in all the schema you need from Dynamics, the only thing left to do is create rules.

Test Rules using data directly from Dynamics
Ready to ensure that your Rule App is all you hope it can be? InRule’s irVerify testing application allows you to pull in data directly from Dynamics, allowing you to test against the most current data in your system! Don’t worry, no changes made during your application’s execution will be persisted while testing from within irVerify.
Deploy to irCatalog
Once you’re satisfied that your rule does everything you were hoping for, simply check the updated Rule Application into irCatalog! By doing so, you’re telling the Rule Engine that your application is ready for prime time – the next time a rule is triggered, it’ll run your freshly delivered rules.

Want to make a modification to the rules? Simply check out the Rule App, make any modifications desired, and then check it back in – simple!

Configure Rules in Dynamics
InRule’s configuration screens within Dynamics give administrators precise control over what behaviors in Dynamics result in different actions being taken. Using different configuration options, you can have rules be executed when specific Dynamics entities are created or updated, or rules can be manually initiated using a configurable button.

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