Decisioning Features Overview

Deliver personalized, highly complex, contextually rich experiences – whether making benefit eligibility determinations, originating loans, managing clinical trials, or detecting fraud – with InRule Technology’s suite of explainable AI and digital process automation software.

Our portfolio connects domain experts, data scientists and delivery teams, making automation accessible across the enterprise. By leveraging the power of human-driven and machine-driven AI with digital process, your organization can build and deploy the most comprehensive, accurate, and transparent decision and process automation strategies.

Organized around the lifecycle of automated decisioning, our platform creates a single source of truth that allows enterprises to quickly adapt to competitive threats, changing regulations or shifting market conditions – all without the need to sift through application code.

With its ‘author first’ approach, the platform enables users to write and manage decision logic, improving accuracy and consistency of determinations and ensuring regulation complexity is consistently actionable, agile and auditable.

Since 2002, InRule Technology® has enabled organizations to improve operational efficiency and execute billions of mission-critical decisions anywhere for maximum flexibility and scalability – on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge.

Better Automated Decisions Start with Good Beginnings

Before a decision is automated, there’s a thought process behind its architecture, often described through flow charts or diagrams. InRule’s DMN Modeler enables users to create, edit, import, and export standards-based, Decision Model and Notation (DMN) 1.3-compliant models quickly and easily.

The decision requirements diagrams created in DMN Modeler serve as decision mapping tools that enable people to fill in what they know as they learn it. As new knowledge is discovered, DMN allows a standards-based method to enable users to combine it with existing information to provide new insights.

DMN Modeler enables teams to work together to start a decision project, accelerating both the process and group buy-in. It also helps stakeholders visualize how different pieces of information are related to each other and allows users to share information easier and with a wider range of people.

In addition to offering tools like DMN Modeler to help scope decisions and aid in project effectiveness, InRule Technology’s decision automation expertise allows us to quickly identify unconsidered risk areas on the project journey. While each successful decision automation project follows a slightly different path, our Good Beginnings and discovery workshops help bring critical information to light.

Decision Automation Starts Here

Business logic siloed in code across multiple applications. Cost and delay that comes from miscommunicated business requirements. Un-operationalized data that could be leveraged to create entirely new business models.

There’s a better way. Build automated decisions on a single source of truth available across the enterprise and adapt quickly to changing customer sentiment – all without sifting through code. Set up connections to external sources, establish data relationships and author rules to automate even the most complicated, mission-critical decisions.

InRule’s unique vocabulary feature allows users to create business-specific, plain language phrases to represent expressions, custom functions, complex mathematical equations or even machine learning models, all of which can then be used in any of the ways rules can be authored in our platform.

Freeing up technical resources shouldn’t come at the cost of testing. With the InRule Decision Platform, users can check decision logic, create and save data for reusable test scenarios, and get explainable results – without the need to maintain a separate test environment.

Ensure Collaboration is Auditable and Compliant

With employees working in multiple locations and time zones, it’s important to have control over access to the logic that drives your mission-critical decisions. Set up roles and permissions, version rule applications and enable multiple authors to safely edit and merge changes with ease and transparency with irCatalog®.

Administrators allow rule authors to create or edit rules in a development environment, while setting up approvers to promote rules to production after review.

The solution also integrates into custom change management solutions, CI/CD strategies, DevOps pipelines and features governance with multiple versions of decisions, rulesets, and rule applications that can execute simultaneously or be specified to activate at a future date, execute by tag, or use custom rule selection strategies.

Reimagine Business Processes

Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield. When designing your engagement strategies, reduce change cycle fatigue, elevate out-of-the-box workflows, create omni-channel experiences and operationalize data science initiatives to build loyalty and drive results.

Our deep, enterprise-grade integration with Microsoft Dynamics® 365, Power Platform and Salesforce® is designed to amplify your existing low code platform investments. With InRule, complex decision logic that traditionally required platform customization and thousands of lines of code can instead be managed by the business teams who drive requirements.

InRule simplifies rule authoring and management with its intuitive interface, enabling business users to make real-time decisions and perform complex calculations using data from not only these industry-leading platforms, but custom applications, databases, machine learning platforms, or ERP and legacy systems.

Integrate with Everything Enterprise

The InRule Decision Platform was built to be extensible; with our intuitive APIs, you’re in control.

While built with the Microsoft .NET stack, you don’t have to be a .NET organization to use InRule; with today’s service-based architectures, InRule integrates with almost any application, anywhere. In addition to our out-of-the-box REST API, irSDK® can be used to create other integrations using either .NET Framework or .NET Core, and InRule for JavaScript® and InRule for Java provide additional versatility (see Execute to learn more).

Created by developers, for developers, the InRule SDK offers broad and deep object models to tailor the InRule experience to fit your needs. For example, use our APIs to build authoring right into your existing internal applications, integrate decision automation into custom CI/CD strategies, and build extensions to provide custom functionality within the authoring experience.

Versatile Deployment Options to Fit Your Needs

From server-based REST deployments to serverless environments that take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, the InRule Decision Platform has a deployment option to meet your organization’s goals and requirements.

Host InRule on-premises, in your own cloud or choose our InRule-hosted SaaS offering for fully automated provisioning, deployment, and operation with high availability and elasticity features out of the box.

Our cloud service delivery is HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 compliant. Around-the-clock automated monitoring, alerting, and response is backed with 24/7 technical support that includes continuous availability of engineering resources.

For public sector agencies, InRule can also be hosted in Microsoft Azure® Government Cloud to meet the U.S. government’s rigorous security and compliance regulations.

Execute Everywhere

Whether performing a single decision or millions, our decision engine supports adaptive multi-threaded execution to maximize throughput and reduce latency. This allows you to focus your efforts on designing and developing the right decision management strategy.

An InRule application at its smallest can run in-process as native JavaScript in an offline mobile application, AWS Lambda function or on an edge device. Our customers have also deployed InRule in large-scale settings, including a 500 Kubernetes multi-core instance for a popular travel booking site.

When performance is critical, removing latency is key and the ability to run in-process can mean the difference between profits gained – or lost. For maximum flexibility, InRule supports in-process execution on multiple platforms, including Java, .NET, and .NET Core.

Enterprise-proven and recognized for its robust performance, our powerful decision engine and versatile execution options give you the peace of mind that your mission-critical business logic is available anywhere decisions are needed.

Leverage Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement

While achieving regulatory compliance can be complicated and expensive, non-compliance is nearly three times as expensive – and not a viable option for any organization concerned about their bottom line.

With InRule Metrics you have clarity into the conditions under which rules are executed, as well as transparency around which rules ran during production.

Regardless of where the data comes from for making a decision, InRule Metrics captures the relevant information all in one place. This is ideal for any group needing to demonstrate how business rules are applied—especially those facing evolving regulations—without wading through siloed application code.

Whether executing ten or ten million automated decisions, track vital KPIs or design your rule application to act in real time when certain thresholds are reached—for example, notifying stakeholders or triggering alerts. By providing analytics for actionable intelligence and continuous improvement of automated decisions, InRule Metrics helps ensure they remain compliant and don’t introduce new, unintended consequences.

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Hundreds of customers across financial services, government, insurance, healthcare and more trust InRule to power the complex decisions in their mission-critical and customer-facing business applications. Since 2002, we’ve been helping customers leverage our decision platform and business rules management system (BRMS) expertise to connect business intent to business results. Let’s work together to make a lasting, positive impact on your business.