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Greater Agility Equals Greater Ability.

ISVs, solution providers and device manufacturers have the same requirements as businesses and government agencies. They need to manage complex business rules and logic and be able to update it over time. They often also have the requirement of configuring their products for specific geographies or individual customers.

InRule® makes it easy for software solution and device vendors to align the logic of core applications with changing marketplace and customer needs—with greater speed and at a lower cost than hard coding.

InRule makes it faster and easier for your technical and non-technical people to change rules and logic. So you can make updates without making changes to your core product code— reducing your time to market and lowering your costs.

This same benefit can be extended to your customers: InRule gives you the option of letting your customers tailor their own business logic in your packaged software solutions and devices. By providing customers the ability to customize decision logic, you differentiate your offering from competitors that are shackled by hard code—making your product more valuable.

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