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InRule Technology Announces Early Adopter Program for JavaScript Rules Engine

Mar 16, 2015

ATLANTA – Mar. 16, 2015 – InRule Technology®, provider of InRule®, the premier business rule technology for the Microsoft® platform, today announced at Microsoft Convergence (Mar. 16-19 in Atlanta) that it is accepting early adopters for its JavaScript rules engine that allows for rule execution in the browser, mobile apps or anywhere JavaScript can run.
InRule for JavaScript makes InRule the only BRMS that provides the flexibility to run business rules on the client-side, server-side or both by packaging business rules into executable JavaScript via a service.
The InRule for JavaScript rule engine saves organizations time and money by providing an alternative to writing complex business rules in code. For both Web developers and mobile developers, InRule for JavaScript makes it easy to author, deploy and execute logic for both the client-side and the server. When used with hybrid mobile apps, it allows rules to execute when the device is disconnected, providing rich functionality to the end user regardless of connectivity.
By allowing logic to run on any platform – the server, in a Web browser and on a mobile device – InRule for JavaScript provides a lower cost of ownership. For Web applications, rule processing can be pushed out to the mobile device or Web browser, resulting in less capacity needed on the server side. For mobile applications, cost savings are realized through a single set of rules to run across all platforms.
In addition, InRule for JavaScript allows complex business rules to be run client-side in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM forms or in the tablet app in connected or disconnected environments.
“InRule continues its product leadership and market momentum by introducing the Early Adopter Program for the only BRMS that replaces hard-coded business rules written in JavaScript,” said Rik Chomko, president and chief operating officer, InRule Technology. “Several organizations have already signed on as early adopters of InRule’s no-code approach to JavaScript and we look forward to welcoming others to the program. By allowing customers to deploy logic on both the server- and client-side, InRule for JavaScript delivers unprecedented flexibility, a superior user experience and increased organizational efficiencies.”
Participants in the InRule for JavaScript Early Adopter Program will have access to the full InRule product plus the new JavaScript transformation service, as well as access to the InRule User Community Support team and the company’s R&D organization. For information about joining the program, visit
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