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InRule Featured in Business Logic Automation Course at Marquette University

Jan 9, 2009

InRule Technology today announced that InRule®, the premier .NET solution for authoring, managing, and executing rules, will be featured in a university course on Business Logic Automation.

InRule user William Leannah, adjunct professor at Marquette University, is leading the course at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI for the Spring 2009 semester. Loren Goodman, InRule Technology Chief Technology Officer, will join him as a guest lecturer.

William Leannah wrote his graduate thesis on business rule technology. He uses InRule at a leading insurance company , where he helped lead a team to establish a company-wide agility infrastructure and improve IT/Business collaboration. These efforts gave subject matter experts more control over business logic and ultimately reduced the time and cost of changes and improved the firm’s ability to respond to business change.

The focus of the Business Logic Automation course is on streamlining the translation from business intent into realized application behavior, using a practical hands-on business based environment. The course will include concepts of business rule engines, and students will use InRule to author, manage, and execute business logic as rules. Students will experience the entire rules-based lifecycle, from facilitating design sessions to the deployment of rules as decision services.