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InRule CTO Returns to Capitol Hill to Meet with US Senators

May 5, 2013

InRule Technology, provider of InRule, The Premier .NET Business Rule Solution for the Microsoft Platform, today announced that InRule Technology Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Loren Goodman participated in discussions with U.S. senators and representatives in Washington, DC last week to discuss the future of the software development industry, particularly as it relates to developing and hiring technology talent.

A successful technology entrepreneur, Mr. Goodman participated in a roundtable with the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The roundtable discussions focused on the workforce training and readiness challenges faced by start-ups as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Mr. Goodman also participated in discussions on Capitol Hill with the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT).

“A challenge for U.S. Technology companies of all sizes is hiring and retaining talent,” said Mr. Goodman. “Earlier this year, I briefed U.S Representatives on the absolute necessity of innovating and investing in math and technology education to ensure the long term success of the United States high technology industry. Last week I met with Senators and Representatives to expand discussions on the need for skilled technology workers and how to bridge the talent gap. I am delighted that they are taking the time to meet with technology companies of all sizes to understand this issue, its impact on our industry and the broader economy, as well as potential solutions.”

“ACT was thrilled to learn Loren had been chosen to speak before the Senate,” said Jonathan Godfrey, Director of Communications of ACT. “He’s been a vocal advocate for STEM education for many years and has inspired us with his passion for making programming accessible to all schoolchildren. Loren often tells us that our nation will thrive in an increasingly connected world if we educate our young with enough coding instruction that they can control the technology that surrounds them.”

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About ACT

ACT is an international grassroots advocacy and education organization representing more than 5,000 small and mid-size app developers and information technology firms.