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Horizon Systems Selects InRule Technology® to Empower Small- to Mid-Size Insurers with Faster, More Effective Decisions

Aug 19, 2015

SHEBOYGAN, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Horizon Systems and Services, a proven provider of end-to-end P&C administration solutions to small- to mid-size carriers, today announced that it has selected InRule Technology®’s business rules management system (BRMS) as the decisioning solution within Horizon’s ALL*Points policy and claims administration solution.
Small- to mid-size insurers face the same business challenges as their larger counterparts – scarcity of skilled resources, the desire for modernization and transformation, and the need to be nimble and continuously responsive to industry markets, agents, and insureds. By incorporating InRule® into its offering, Horizon enables enterprise-wide business rules to be easily defined and maintained for all key core functional areas supported by Horizon’s ALL*Points system including policy, rating, underwriting, claims, billing, reinsurance, documents, third party data integration, etc.
InRule allows technical and non-technical users to write and manage rules and calculations in applications without programming and creates transparency into business logic by centralizing it outside of application code. By embedding InRule into ALL*Points, Horizon’s existing and future insurance clients have an affordable approach to enjoy the flexibility in business workflow design and business rule authoring previously only available to larger insurers. These enhanced capabilities are currently being delivered to new Horizon customers and are made available to existing Horizon customers through an upgrade program.
According to Kurt Kwekkeboom, CEO of Horizon Systems and Services, “By incorporating InRule into ALL*Points we are able to provide our customers with a remarkably easy, powerful and cost-effective approach to create and manage business rules. By replacing traditional programming with user configurable rules, our clients gain the advantage of improved business agility, efficiency in managing complex business decisions, and the ability to most effectively respond to continuous market changes. Our clients have already seen real business benefits from the ALL*Points system, and adding capabilities provided by InRule gives them a significant competitive advantage.”
InRule Technology President and COO Rik Chomko added, “Organizations of all sizes are seeking the benefits of building configurability into their applications and we are pleased to play a key role in enhancing Horizon’s ALL*Points policy and claims administration solution with this capability. Providing business users with ability to write and manage rules without the need for complex code modifications introduces a wealth of new opportunities for smaller insurers to seize a competitive advantage and establish and maintain leadership positions in their target markets.”