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eQHealth Solutions Scales with InRule®

Jun 30, 2015

CHICAGO, IL, June 30, 2015 – eQHealth Solutions, a not-for-profit healthcare IT and services company, has deployed InRule® as the business rules engine that powers eQSuite®, the organization’s flagship, cloud-based IT platform environment.
eQHealth Solutions’ clients include insurers, self-insured employers, Medicare, state Medicaid agencies and other risk-based entities. Their product offerings include solutions for population management, patient health information integration, business intelligence, care coordination, utilization review, and quality improvement and wellness services.
eQSuite® is composed of three main modules: business intelligence, clinical integration, and population management. Advanced analytics, integration of provider EHR and EMR data, identification of high risk/high cost patients, managing health costs through utilization management, and a flexible care coordination platform is all part of eQSuite®.
Delivered as a software as a service model, eQSuite® is fully customized for each client based on its own specific business logic. In the early versions of eQSuite®, hard-coded rules made for countless hours spent maintaining, revising and keeping up, as well as specialized skill sets for the developers. As the eQHealth client base grew, it was essential to maintain – even reduce – turnaround times; the company sought to automate rule authoring and management.
eQHealth sought a scalable solution from a vendor that was a tightly integrated Microsoft partner that worked well with .NET, fit well with its existing code repository, and offered the ability to author and change rules in a user-friendly way. The solution needed to allow eQHealth to utilize the right resources to author and maintain rules, as business analysts deliver them to developers.
“InRule has made it remarkably easy and more cost-effective to write and manage rules than the traditional hard-coded logic approach – it has been able to scale and keep up with our growth,” said Sean Marchiafava, chief information officer of eQHealth. “Our team is able to focus on true functionality, rather than rules. In fact, we’ve accelerated our application development capacity at least 30 percent. InRule has been essential to our development strategy, and it has had a real impact on our bottom line.”
By leveraging InRule in lieu of hard coding, eQHealth has realized significant, quantifiable return on investment. Its team has increased its efficiency, leading to 12 percent savings in hours. That efficiency directly affects the bottom line: the saved hours are worth $112,320 annually, or a total savings of $224,640 in the two years since eQHealth rolled out InRule.
“Here at InRule, we love it when our customers are empowered to manage complex business decisions without programming effort. Success stories like eQHealth fuel our passion for delivering the power of computing without the complexity of programming,” said Rik Chomko, president and COO, InRule Technology. “We’re honored that InRule plays a role in helping eQHealth fulfill its mission to improve the quality and value of healthcare for its customers and those they serve.”