The Power of InRule®

InRule empowers technical and business users to change decision logic and calculations in applications—with less effort, cost, and risk than programming—to help organizations keep pace with changing marketplace conditions and customer needs.

From .NET to the Enterprise
InRule is the premier decision platform. But customers are leveraging the capabilities of InRule’s Decision Platform across the enterprise. From the cloud, to on-prem, and via mobile, InRule Technology provides more options for rule execution by allowing rules to be run anywhere.

When compared to hard coding, managing rules in InRule’s Decision Platform is:

  • More cost-effective
  • Less risky than locking rules in hard code, hidden from key business owners
  • Easier to align the logic of core applications with changing marketplace and customer needs

InRule has delivered hundreds of mission-critical and customer-facing deployments in over 30 countries.

The InRule Difference
InRule’s Decision Platform is designed for real-world scenarios.
Proven: Handles complex logic, processing tens of thousands of transactions with thousands of rules

Simple: Allows technical and non-technical people to use intuitive authoring to quickly and easily write business rules and decision logic

Agile: Designed to make logic updates easy, so changes can be made quickly as the market demands

Seamless: Rich SDK allows smooth integration into your Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications

Scalable: Take advantage of the elasticity of the cloud to meet the evolving needs of your business

Features designed to turn heads…and deliver results.

  • Complex conditional logic and calculations
  • 225+ built-in functions
  • User-defined functions
  • Business language authoring
  • Decision tables
  • Testing, debugging and tracing
  • Support for look-ups and one-to-many relationships plus aggregate functions
  • Robust business rule management
  • Role-based security

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* Total savings calculated based on an average savings of implementation and maintenance as reported by survey respondents, calculated over a 7-year lifespan, using an 8% discount rate to compensate for the time value of money (TVM). Source: 2021 InRule User Community Annual Survey