InRule Helps OEM Customers Respond Quickly to Marketplace and Customer Needs

InRule makes it faster and easier for ISVs, solution providers, and device manufacturers to manage complex and frequently changing rules and logic. So you can make updates without making changes to your core product code—reducing your time to market and increasing your ability to respond to changing marketplace and customer needs.

Embed InRule in your software, device, or solution
InRule can be embedded within your product or solution, making business rule management a differentiating capability for your offering and increasing configurability in customer deployments.

Empower your customers to manage their own rules
InRule also gives you the option of letting your customers tailor their own business logic in your packaged software solutions and devices. By providing customers the ability to customize decision logic, you differentiate your offering from competitors that are shackled by hard code.

“With InRule, we give our customers the ability to use business language to tailor Personify to their individual needs.”

George Breeden, Director of Product Marketing, TMA Resources

Flexible licensing to meet your business needs

Our flexible licensing model can be configured to meet the needs of your specific business.